developer girl

Top team creates the top product. We’re enthusiastic, team­ oriented, open, creative and we’re not afraid to take responsibility. We’re tech geeks.  Will you join us?

The baseline

  • Based on experience of Polarion Software® authors, software recently acquired by Siemens®
  • Building a suite of innovative tools for a revolutionary new way of web development
  • For the international market, 6 prospects in the pipeline already
  • Financial resources & scope planned for the next 5 years
  • Individual growth opportunity accelerated by experienced mentors and experts
  • Freedom as a company culture ­ equal opportunities, agile way of working, flexibility, home office
  • Place of work ­ Ostrava !!!

You choose the technologies

  • Senior Developer, Junior Developers, QA
  • JavaScript, ReactJS / Redux, noSQL, Google Chrome plugins, Java, automation (DevOps, Docker, Jenkins, Chef, Selenium) … you choose the rest

Tope team creating the top product

We’re enthusiastic, team­ oriented, open and creative. We’re not afraid to take responsibility. We love thinking, elaborating  and inventing remarkable stuff. We’re tech geeks. We work hard and we show the world the potential of Ostrava and the Czech Republic. Our DNA contains a strong drive to learn and improve. And all of us speak English.

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