Do you want…

  • Business people and Customers more appreciating your work?
  • to get right and timely information, priorities and feedback from them?
  • to avoid big surprises in your deliveries?
  • to do things right with less technical debt and workarounds?
  • to reduce a pressure in your teams?
  • to keep skilled and talented people in your team?
  • your people to think and act (pro)actively?

How do we do it?

  • Provide practical on-job coaching and mentoring
  • Introduce the best of Lean and Agile principles and tailor them for your unique situation
  • Use a practical framework to make the changes happen on all sides – Business as well
  • Teaching Business and Customer people about crucial specifics of IT business through interactive workshops and games

What you get

  • Effective and efficient IT
  • Better support from Business people
  • Support in difficult situations from experienced coaches and mentors
  • Linked value throughout the whole value chain – tighter connection of IT and Business

Are you interested?

We would love to share more. Please