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Marian Drozd
Marian Drozd

Marian Drozd
Site manager Ostrava, Stora Enso

“RainFellows are not afraid – neither of the rain nor of new approaches to challenges. Thanks to cooperation with RainFellows we could try new approaches to solving both current everyday and future problems and get prepared to meet them. These approaches and RainFellows approach towards them, as they know the IT domain very well, helped us to get more actively involved in the process of company innovation and revealed opportunities to build future of the teams in the company. I would recommend RainFellows to everyone who is responsible for leading a team and likes to move forward in the area of thinking, new approaches and results.”

Jan Mrvík
Jan Mrvík

Jan Mrvík
Managing Director, EDITEL CZ

“Together with my colleagues we have absolved Lean Workshop lead by two coaches – Roman Šmiřák and Martin Chmelař. I have known them for years, both professionally and personally, and that was the main reason why I asked RainFellows when I was planning an experiential and coaching day for our company.
I must highlight especially the open and smooth way Roman and Martin lead us through the game and the following evaluation. They managed to create an excellent atmosphere and the Lean Lego® game literally absorbed us.
Creativity of the whole team then spread from the game part to the following discussion in which we selected concrete “lean” improvements and agreed to implement them.
A formal company environment and official meetings of separate units would not result in such a clear formulation of concrete steps to improve company processes and especially internal communication. This was mainly due to the friendly atmosphere which emerged during the game and naturally spread to the following discussion among all the participants, which was very sincere and open.
We nowadays implement the improvements we agreed at the workshop and we are looking forward to the evaluation of their positive impact.
I am sure this was not the last time we worked with the coaches. I can only recommend RainFellows, both for me and also on behalf of all the EDITEL CZ participants.”

Martin Dvorak
Martin Dvořák

Martin Dvořák
CIO, Alta

“Adwise and RainFellows, which we selected because of their unconventional approach, helped us to implement a consistent Service Desk solution for ALTA group companies. They changed the view and the way of providing IT services within the group. In my opinion we selected a supplier who was able to moderate effective discussion among members of the team, guided us through necessary changes and supported our thinking and mindset change. The project was difficult, especially due to fragmentation of non-integrated IT structures and processes, which Adwise and RainFellows managed to align very well. Since September 2014 till the end of the year we completed series of meetings and workshops at various levels, which significantly affected our perception of the principles of providing IT services, and in the end led to successful implementation and acceptance of the Service Desk solution in the whole ALTA group.”

Carsten Henke

Carsten Henke
Director, TIPS, Tieto

Lean@Tieto initiative lead by RainFellows coaches significantly contributed by:

  • Cross-functional, cross-country Lean workshops providing brand new perspective on improvements, pulling people out of their boxes.
  • Sharing experience and providing on-job coaching.

2012: “Currently we have in average doubled Contribution Margin per month than in average of 2011!”

Mikko Arjanmaa

Mikko Arjanmaa
IT Development Manager, UPM Raflatac

Summer 2013 RainFellows coaches were hosting a great one-day workshop for my team on the agile practices. It was really an eye-opener for most of the team-members and helped us to start our journey into agile world.

Their approach was both out-of-the-box and inspiring. I would recommend their service to anybody thinking of moving ahead with agile transformations.

Philippe Hocqueloux

Philippe Hocqueloux
Project Manager, Faurecia

Lean&Agile coaches provided their experience and tools when Faurecia decided to build an Agile software development team to create a new Just-In-Time solution for their production plants.

Result: an autonomous distributed Agile development team, cooperating with other teams in existing Faurecia environment (processes, tools) to deliver value to business.

Customer business opportunity:

  • Streamlined business operations from newly developed JIT software solution.
  • Fast delivery of the new solution.
  • Better focus on changing customer needs and more flexibility during development.
  • Easier maintenance of the new solution.

How RainFellows coaches helped:

  • Taught the development team Agile way of working using Coaching Framework.
  • Helped to avoid typical pitfalls and risks of Agile implementation.
  • Implemented efficient way of knowledge transfer from 3rd party company to Faurecia.
  • Helped to overcome natural change resistance.
  • Connected the development team to other teams and in existing environment via Kaizen Workshop.

What we achieved:

  • Autonomous distributed Agile development team in 3 months.
  • Team productivity increased by 50% in 5 months.
  • Development team integrated into the end-to-end value chain.
  • Sustainability – continuous improvement built into daily work.

Rony Bejjani

Rony Bejjani
Faurecia Industrial & JIT Competence Center manager

RainFellows coaches proposed a very pragmatic model and adequate support for Agile way of working sustainable in long-term.

The result is very clear today – the team functions autonomously according to Scrum (Agile) method.

Vera Cechova
Věra Čechová

Věra Čechová
HR Specialist, Employee Development, Tieto

Rainfellows Coaches continually deliver excellent training sessions and workshops to our employees and teams. We also use them and their Lean Game for our monthly Induction process with very positive results and feedbacks from attendees. They are very helpful and forthcoming, especially in terms of flexibility.

Average feedback from all trainining sessions in 2013 is 4,87 / 5

Jakub Tomoszek
Jakub Tomoszek

Jakub Tomoszek
CEO, Law Insurance Company

RainFellows’ role in the case:

  • Business modelling and tune-up of LIC business processes
  • Facilitating discussions of the needs between LIC and Pria
  • Bringing in the best practices from software development area

I did not realize earlier how important is the involvement of experienced coaches in this early stage of software creation

I see now how the requirements we defined earlier are so ambiguous and miss a lot of critical details

We saved at least 3500 EUR on rework and jeopardized business later

Stanislav Julicek
Stanislav Julíček

Stanislav Julíček
Consultant, Pria System

RainFellows’ workshop showed us we are dealing with completely different case than we have expected during the first talks

Finally we understand what is expected from us

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Dirk Stroo
Dirk Stroo

Dirk Stroo,
CEO, ArcelorMittal Frýdek-Místek

After experience from your Lego Car game we started iniciatives which resulted in reduced lead time of certain production from 42 days to 28 days, heavy stock reduction, almost double productivity, … and financially speaking we start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
The Lego Car Game was the perfect experience with the perfect timing !!!


Ing. Jaroslav Novák
Ing. Jaroslav Novák

Ing. Jaroslav Novák,
Production and Technical Director, HARTMANN-RICO a.s.

Our long term goal is to make our IT department more effective and efficient, improve its cooperation with other HARTMANN-RICO departments/units and improve its image in their eyes.

Kaizen workshop lead by RainFellows coaches helped us to unify perspectives of Business and IT teams, find a common goal, overcome at least temporarily barriers in their cooperation and agree on concrete joint actions leading towards more effective and efficient cooperation.

Speakers at international conferences

  • 2015
    • itSMF, Bratislava, Slovakia
conf itSMF slovensko
  • 2014
    • itSMF, Bratislava, Slovakia
    • Agilia, Brno, Czech Republic
    • Quo Vadis, PM?, Czech Republic
conf itSMF slovensko conf agilia 2014 quo_vadis_pm2014_logo
  • 2013
    • European Lean IT Summit, Paris, France
    • Scan Agile, Helsinki, Finland
conf lean it summit conf scan agile
  • 2012
    • European Lean IT Summit, Paris, France
    • Leanest, Stockholm, Sweden
conf lean it summit conf Leanest

  • 2011
    • European Lean IT Summit, Paris, France
    • 33rd Degree, Krakow, Poland
conf lean it summit conf 33rd Degree

  • 2010
    • eXtreme Programming, Trondheim, Norway
    • IBM Innovate, Orlando/FL, USA
conf xp2010 conf RSDC 2010

  • 2009
    • Rational Software Development Conference, Orlando/FL, USA
conf RSDC 2009

  • 2008
    • Rational Software Development Conference, Orlando/FL, USA
conf RSDC 2008