As you may know sharing is our passion. And especialy about Leadership, Coaching, Lean and Agile. So it’s obvious that we cannot miss opportunity to share our experience at XP2015 conference in Helsinki. This is also great opportunity to meet up with you, friends and colleagues, so let’s drink one or two beers together there and share news and succes stories!

International Conference on Agile Software Development – XP2015 takes place in May 25th-29th 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. This year we got the chance to talk about two topics – Building learning organization through communities and gamification and What skills future IT has to master to become a true partner for business. If you wonder what are our submissions about, there is a short summary below.

Submission 1:
Building learning organization through hands-on community and gamification

Couple months ago we started unique program, engaging team leaders and their teams into cooperation, growth and continuous improvement. It is based on connecting people together cross products together with gamification mechanisms. We piloted the approach for three months with our partner Tieto and results were pretty amazing. We have not experienced yet the change of mindset in teams can happen so fast and smooth. So we decided to share the story with everyone at XP2015.

Submission 2: Changing Minds – Continuous Value Delivery

IT has been perceived by business as an expensive item with geeks not easy to understand, a synonym for a problem, always delivering late, simply not meeting the needs. On the other side there are iTech geeks loving to solve technical problems, being a modern incarnation of introverted scientists, who just strike back at business: “Can you just leave us alone so we could do our stuff right?” This mutual misunderstanding mostly comes from IT being positioned in supplier position. In 21st century business requires something more. IT partnership. And to be a partner for business means for IT to master also other skills than technical ones. We will share what we as coaches have seen in hundreds of teams and what do we need to make a switch.

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