martinchmelar Jsem kouč a mentor s dlouholetou zkušeností zvláště v oblasti strategie a inovace, budování firemní kultury a efektivního Lean & Agile způsobu práce. Mou vášní je povzbuzovat a podporovat jednotlivce i týmy při změnách na cestě za jejich sny, pomáhat jim najít směr a udělat další krok, ať už se zabývají vývojem softwaru, vedou firmu, rozjíždějí nový byznys nebo třeba řídí základní školu. K tomu přispívám svou zkušeností ze spolupráce s mnoha lidmi, týmy a společnostmi po celém světě, kteří často pracují ve složitých podmínkách, co se týče jejich rozmístění v různých zemích, velikosti týmu, různých jazyků a kultur a složitých problémů, které musí společně řešit. Mezi mé silné stránky patří schopnost aktivně naslouchat, podporovat a povzbuzovat, rychle se zorientovat a získat vhled do velmi složitých situací, vymyslet různé možnosti vycházející z hlubokého porozumění jádru situace a navrhnout jak strategický rámec tak i konkrétní malé kroky pro posun vpřed. Společné tvoření s lidmi, se kterými pracuji, mě hodně naplňuje a obohacuje a já se snažím tuto energii a zkušenost předávat dál.

tel: +420 724 773 974


Anttoni Vesterinen Managing Partner, Agentis Oy

At the time of this recommendation I was managing a business unit at Tieto that had +20m€ in revenues and +200 employees in split in several countries and locations. In recent times business had turned loss making that was the tip of the iceberg hiding multitude of causes underneath. I chose Lean as the turnaround vehicle. Martin was recommended to me the best Lean coach in the company. Martin played the key role in the 12 month process leading the re-engineering large part of the business that resulted not only getting back to profitability but high profitability and customer satisfaction. This was achieved with practically no investment. I would be very happy to work with Martin again any time.

Carsten Henke Managing Director Tieto Germany & Head of TIPS at Tieto

Martin was (and still is) a major player in helping to manage the turnaround in TIPS-Business with the Lean-Approach. He manages extremely well to channel and work with different thoughts of the audience in workshops and to teach them the Lean-way-of-thinking. Martin has also a very good sense to help in critical areas and to come up with very good suggestions how to move on. I really appreciate(d) to work with him especially as he can express himself also in a very good way.

Mikko Arjanmaa IT Development Manager at UPM Raflatac

Summer 2013 Martin was hosting a great one-day workshop for my team on the agile practices. It was really an eye-opener for most of the team-members and helped us to start our journey into agile world. His approach was both out-of-the-box and inspiring. I would recommend his service to anybody thinking of moving ahead with agile transformations.

Nick Lipin Engineering Manager/Project Manager at SwitchRay Inc.

Martin is an excellent Lean&Agile coach. He had provided a very good training to our company and I had learned a lot from him.

Jose Gascon SAP Functional and Technical Director at Faurecia

Martin helped us on animating and coaching our new development team getting introduced to Agile Development and Lean practices. He established a very good integration with developers and product owner ensuring a smooth change management and successful adoption of new methodologies and tools. His experience on very large development teams, requirement management and organization of Sprints helped us to make this Agile journey easier.

Sarika Kharbanda PMP, CSM Program Manager/Agile Consultant

Having worked with Marty, I can say that he is a great colleague to work with. He is extremely enthusiastic about any assignment that he works on and not just drives himself but the whole team. Marty displays a wonderful knack of knowing the people he works with. I have seen Marty complement his peers at just the right time with just the right expertise needed. I have seen this skill add a different perspective to the assignments worked on. Marty is one of the most reliable people I have worked with. He is also one who ‘walks the extra mile’ to help customers – a quality that I rank extremely high. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with him. I would be extremely happy to work with Marty again.

Tomáš Pařízek Customer manager at Tieto Czech

I had the pleasure to work with Martin past few years. What I like the most is Martin’ ability to always sharply see the big picture thru number of blur problems. He is capable of capturing main ideas, helping to identify priorities and systematically guiding teams to remove obstacles on a way to successful end. In his work is Martin very much utilizing common sense and couches people to help themselves.

Petra Crhak Senior Project Manager at Tieto

I enjoy cooperation with Martin because he his very smart, can analyse the problem, can see bigger picture, is customer oriented and can actively listen. Martin likes to learn and absorb new impulse to use them efficiently in others cases. He is great coach, mentor and consultant as I met him. He keeps his promises, can understand customers, has positive approach and can motivate. Martin appeared when needed and due to his empathy helped me to solve ongoing troubles from process, project and leading point of view. Martin thanks.

Hanka Machalkova Manager at Tieto

Martin is a highly professional expert with sound SW development and project management background, which enables him to discover real root causes of his clients’ problems and propose the best possible solutions. What I especially love about Martin is his open and helpful approach, he never regards any impediment being too unimportant to pay attention to and his customers can fully rely upon his expertise and high commitment.

Karolina Grudzinska Technical Specialist at TietoEnator Czech s.r.o.

I’ve worked with Martin in few occasions. Each time it was a pleasure to work with him. As a Lean coach, he helped a lot our team to move from a ‘dead point’. We got stuck a bit in our processes, not knowing how to fix them and go further. Martin showed us how to define our weak points and how to create a path to better cooperation and better results. No forcing us to use ‘standard’ solutions. Everything was tailored made for us and by us. As a MBTI trainer, he was always perfectly prepared, effective, clear and knowing the subject very well. Flexible but also keeping agenda – very important in case of chaotic students ;) Contacting him before and afterwards was/is never a problem – training doesn’t end up only in the classroom.

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