tomasturecekTomáš has been working in IT industry for more than 16 years in various roles from development to management and sales. For the last 8 years, he has been working as Lean and Agile coach of tens of deliveries and services in complex and distributed environment. Among other things he supports entrepreneurs, contributes to IT communities, writes blogs, organizes workshops and speaks at prestigious international conferences. Tomáš has been giving lectures from Software development area for more than 9 years at VŠB Technical University of Ostrava where he also earned his PhD degree in 2010.


Hanne Chr. Liljeroth Pre-Sales Manager at Tieto

I have had the pleasure of working with Tomáš since 2009 when we started a transition to agile work methods and contracts in our development unit (Software for Energy retail marked). He is a highly dedicated and talented person with a broad knowledge of how to engage, motivate and turning processes around. I was positively surprised to see how he managed to coach us into a new way of working and by that boosting efficiency and ROI within a couple of years. When presenting and giving courses he knows how to intrigue the curiosity and ask the right questions so that people attending really feel for making a change to the better when going back home. Tomáš is a positive, motivating and highly skilled coach and I know he will do great in whatever challenging project he is given; he always finds a solution for improvement even for highly complex processes and organizations.

Casper Lassenius Associate Professor at Aalto University, Visiting Scholar at MIT Sloan School of Management

Tomáš is an excellent coach, understanding both the technical and human dimensions involved in making change happen in an organization. He is very nice to deal with, and provides creative skills, as well as a wealth of knowledge to any situation.

Michal Neděla Service Manager at Tieto

I like Tomáš for his couching skills and problem resolution methods. His great ability to find where could be improvement done and motivation approach only proves that he is fully devoted to any project he is participating in. With help of Tomáš we were able to higher customer satisfaction survey by 15% during only 3 months. And last but not least, Tomáš is that kind of person you want to work with to accomplish your targets.

Mika Koivuluoma Portfolio Manager at Tieto

I have known Tomáš since 2007 and have had privilege to work shoulder to shoulder when the mentoring and coaching support was established in Ostrava. I have learned to know Tomáš as a very solution oriented person who always tries to find best solution for his customer’s unique situation. Tomáš is also one of those few persons who are equally well-versed in technology as well as in the human side of technology utilization. Add this his highest academic training + consultancy and mentoring skills that are second to none, and got yourself a person practically any team (SW/service development, mgmt, business, etc.) would want to have supporting them. Tomáš’s can-do attitude and senior support has helped tenths of teams in our company, and has directly contributed to the business also in terms of finance. As a human being, Tomáš is one of the easiest person to work with that I know, always packed with positive attitude and good humor towards both work and the life in general. I’m proud to consider Tomino as a friend of mine.

Vlastimil Hopjan Head of Application Management Czech Republic at Tieto

Tomas is great person to work with. And there are the reasons – Tom is not afraid making his hands dirty, he is always into the practical solutions (which is key for the consultant role) and he is pretty smart as well. ;)

Eva Ann-Mari Söderström Senior Project Manager at Sandvik IT

I can recommend Tomas. We have met in his position as a mentor to Lean and Agile approaches in customer business. His competence in the area is impressive. I’m not sure I have met anyone in this area with such a talent to write about a complicated problem in such a way that it seems simple, understandable, engaging and even fun! On top of this Tomas doesn’t give up. He is persistent and result oriented.

Anna Kastebo Hagstedt Senior Service Delivery Manager at Microsoft

My first contact with Tomas was in 2007 when I attended a training where he was the teacher. Next time we met was a year later and he was acting as coach/mentor to the product team I started to work with. On both occasions Tomas showed what great pedagogic skills he possesses and therefore makes him very appreciated in these roles. To mention a few, his ability to read people and situations and based on that he easily adjust the level of severity in the topic and how to explain complex matters to suite the attendants in a training or the person in front of him. Tomas has deep knowledge in the subjects he his involved in and with his glowing energy he makes you interested to learn more and he gladly shares his experiences. Tomas has a calm and authentic personality that makes you feel comfortable also to ask even the most stupid questions. This contributed to the success of the agile contract initiative when we worked together with our customers and the new contract model was a new area for most of us. He acted as an objective facilitator and listened to everyone and secured that all opinions were considered and thought of and kept a constructive dialog in the group. Tomas is a wise person and for me it is a privilege to have worked with him.

Kristīne Smilga Head of Global Learning and Development team at Tieto, responsible for internal LMS Tieto Academy

As we have been working together for several years I would describe Tomas as very professional and experienced colleague with the high sense of responsibility. Tomas has been running several internal training programs and participants have always appreciated the way how he delivers the message – it is clear, straight to the subject and presented in fun and interesting way. In two words – great colleague!

Lukáš Krupa Senior Test consultant at Tieto

Tomas’s mix of Agile and soft-skill competences made him excelent and right person in many ways quite challenging period of waterfall->agile transformation in one of the biggest Tieto products. Tomas’s all-the-time smiling&friendly face as well as his neverending support were critical characteristics that made otherwise “fosilized” developers to naturally accept agile way of working.

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