Roman Since my childhood I have basically two passions: understanding how technology can create more possibilities for us, creating new exciting future; second one, understanding human mind (psychology) ie. understanding fundamentals of our happiness, creative performance, and efficient communication. Both of them remain very strong reasons why I love my job – it effectively combines both together. 15 years ago I started leading various technology projects but I became disappointed that despite crazy endeavour of all the people involved we got only friction of the expected or possible result. I noticed also many annoying things – instead of co-operation and co-creation people spent lot of time blaming each other and waiting the others to fix it: a customer blamed a vendor not delivering according the promises; the vendor blamed the customer not specifying precisely or very late what they want, changing their mind when they already progressed and then surprise – the deadline wasn’t kept. Same went inside the company – an accounting / controlling not understanding the business needs, rather restricting it; top management changing the strategy / organization without proper change communication with employees, the employees failing to show proactivity and stepping out of their comfort zone. And everybody complains about lack of communication from the other side. I made my mind: challenge accepted. By focusing on people, bringing them together, I’m helping them to formulate the future, the vision and common pains standing between here and now and the vision; i’m helping them to be co-creating, communicating better; achieving what seemed to be impossible, enjoying personal change; being happy here and now instead of being afraid of future. And enjoying the ride. I reflect on my 15 years experience from all size companies: the small ones (teams consisting of few people), coaching start-ups and individuals up to the largest companies consisting of 20k employees or more. Finding new ways – that’s my passion; finding ways to achieve more with less.


Petra Crhak Senior project manager at Tieto

I still do remember our first meeting where I was dealing with many process, team improvement and efficiency troubles in my projects. Roman has the great ability to actively listen to, analyse and with the right asked question to lead you to the correct way to solve it. Roman is (was) to me coach who apperead when necessary. He has professional level of presentation, motivation, analysing, customer orientation as well as be part of the innovation and make them alive. In cooperation with Roman I enjoy his positive approach, motivation, patience, interest and personal involvement to help as well as wide practical knowledge of Lean.

Hanne Chr. Liljeroth Pre-Sales Manager at Tieto

I first met Roman 5 years back when we started a transition to AGILE way of working in our development department and what amazed me from the start, in addition to his high level of knowledge, was his ability in people management. Over the following years I attended several workshops and meetings and his way of turning negativity and unwillingness into positivity surprised me. His ability to listen, understand and communicate solutions in combination with expertise and calm way of being makes him a truly inspiring coach and leader. Roman is a dedicated and enthusiastic colleague and I have enjoyed all possibilities given over the years to work with him. My best recommendations to a true expert in his area.

Kim Andersen Principal Advisor at CXO Advisor

Having appointed Roman as the Agile/Scrum and later LEAN Coach at Tieto, he was heading unit of very bright and intelligent (also EQ) people who really helped transforming parts of Tieto. Roman himself is a very smart guy with strong interpersonal skills and deep insight into his subject. I would say coaching is his passion. He was named Innovator of year in 2008 at Tieto (wolrdwide) based upon my recommedation.

Hanka Machalková Manager at Tieto

If I shall describe Roman in just one word, the word would be PASSION. Only rarely you can meet a person giving so much energy and enthusiasm to every single activity he does both in his professional and private life. I’ve known Roman for quite long time and I’m impressed how much he’s constantly growing and learning. Roman has an amazing ability to challenge every event in his life as a great opportunity to broaden his vast expert knowledge as well as to strengthen his personality. Having hired Roman’s service for your team/project/company you will be always given big portion of extra value on the top of all you’ve ordered and paid for. He never stops thinking of what else and more he could do for his customers and his highly committed approach is very inspiring.

Silvestr Peknik Tester, Test Manager, Team Leader

Roman is able to make you see the problems you face from different perspective, and helps you discover where they come from. Working with him is both pleasure and inspiration.

Casper Lassenius Associate Professor at Aalto University School of Science and Technology

When it comes to coaching, Roman combines both excellent technical skills and a deep understanding of human motivation and behavior. Having worked with Roman and with several people he and his team has coached, I can strongly recommend him and his work.

Mika Koivuluoma Portfolio Manager at Tieto

I have known Roman Šmiřák seven years now and I must say he is quite exceptional person. First of all, Roman is a great leader, who really has ability to inspire and empower his subordinates to reach their fullest potential. Perhaps in the core of his natural leading capabilities and skills are his great facilitation and coaching skills, skills that I know he practices both in business and in private. Roman is also technically very skilled and always eager to learn and try out new things, be that new technology, new lean way of working or e.g. new business opportunity where he could apply his coaching and agile SW development related skills. It is also in his nature that he practices what he preaches, so one can trust advises and coaching he gives are tried n’ true, not only book learning. All these are great qualities in a colleague or a friend. What makes him quite exceptional though, is his attitude towards setbacks, especially his ability to always see the light and new opportunity in every reversal he or his team encounters. Come hell or high water, here you have a guy who just smiles and keeps on going like Duracell/Energizer bunny, relentlessly finding new solutions and pathways out from the misfortune situation! What a great colleague and friend!

Maarit Laanti Director, Head Coach at Nitor Delta

I met Roman first time in NSN agile day in Tampere in April 2011. I was impressed by the insight he had on organizational and agile and lean development. We have been regularly exchanging ideas and best practices as fellow agile coaches, working in different organizations. Ever since I first met Roman I have been amazed by his dedication to make improvement in his organization and the kindness and understanding towards people that he shows while doing his work. Comparing the other organizations and other coaches I think Roman has achieved significant results in his organization that speak for themselves. I am gladly recommending Roman to positions he would like to pursue.

Vlastimil Hopjan Czech Coordinator/SPOC – Front-end & Analytics at Tieto

Roman is great teacher and student. Roman is great in helping customers. Roman is Tieto’s CSI consultants will be in few years. I wish more people like him would work with Tieto.

Christian Hofmann Vice President

Roman has such a nice approach, to get the best out of teams, and hence ensuring sustainable business results, no one-timers. With is broad experience, in IT-service delivery he is able to inspire teams towards continuous improvements.

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