jankrchnakLean mentor and occasionally a coach, addictive facilitator especially for Lean Games, human proces engineer, acting ScrumMaster and Agile evangelist, Jan really helps teams to see beyond daily work routine. With the whole power of his 120kg personality he is very convincing to really try to answer “What can be improved?”. Years of experience in all of these areas provides a full belt of tips and tricks to really engage teams into thinking big and challenging the inefficient status quo. Jan believes, that real improvements must come from people involved in the work and that doing any work and improving it at the same time can really be interesting and fun. And just one course of Lean Game can prove he knows what he talks about.


Antti Niiles Team Manager at Tieto

I have had the pleasure to work with Jan in a couple of occasions in the past. I first met him while we were both programmers in the same Java project and then much later he mentored me in becoming a lean coach myself, which I value a great deal. Jan is passionate, helpful, empathy filled and most important of all, a really nice person. He is very knowledgeable in Lean, and one of the best workshop facilitators I’ve had the chance to work with. I highly recommend him and would be happy to work with him in the future as well!

Jiri Polasek Team leader, Tieto

I invited Jan to some problematic case, when I was thinking about different principle how to work. Jan provided to us several very effective, concrete and time saving lean workshops, where we found how to continue with the case. I also participated Jan’s lean training, which was amazing and then I several times consulted with Jan some specific problems, because I needed Jan’s point of view. Jan is always very effective, out-box thinking and positive.

Petr Kott Scrum Master at Soft Tech, Auckland

Jan in very energized person who can make the people curious and motivated for their work. He helped me several times with facilitation of workshops and training. Also, he showed his deep knowledge in software development (agile & lean) when coaching me or my colleagues. Great to have such a “ice-breaker” (improves an old way of working) in anybody’s team.

Pavel Matejka Project manager at Tieto

I’m very happy that I had an opportunity to cooperate with Jan on several projects and I have to say that it was very nice and we were enjoying it. Jan’s easy-going personality in combination with professional attitude leads into open and constructive discussions and to the finding of appropriate solutions. Jan combines his very good technical background with the ability to share his knowledge and present ideas in straightforward manner. He has very good presentation and communication skills underlined by his fluent english. Also, his ability to provide feedback in a constructive way is extraordinary. IMHO, all the aspects above promote him to the top class coach and mentor.

Petra Karasova HR Manager, Recruitment

It´s been pleasure to work with Jan. He never said NO when I asked for help and always did his job with enthusiasm and passion. Jan was always perfectly prepared and always asked for feedback to allow himself to be even better.

Jan Mrvik Sales & Marketing Director at Editel CZ

Jan is very social networking person with the focus on the demands and ideas of his colleagues. I also appreciate his creativeness in LEAN&AGILE area and potential for adaption of change.

Rauno Seppälä Open for new challenges

Jan is a great colleague and partner. He is able contribute effectively and gets things done. He is very approachable and trustworthy. He is able to be critical in positive way and is able to solve problems. Great Person!

Radovan Cierny Senior continuous service manager

I would like to express my thank you to Jan for his lectoring session on Agile. I admit that eventhough there are a lot of topics which can be questioned, the course was performed with deep competence and with contextual knowledge spreading far beyond the content of the course. Thank you for a seat! Jan is experienced, customer oriented and skillful lector and I truly look forward for next cooperation.

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