Who are RainFellows?

RainFellows are a team of coaches, consultants, mentors who have more than 10 year experience with introducing changes in complex environment of technological and telecommunication companies. Our motto is “achieve more with less” which we achieve via applying Lean thinking in different contexts. Our experience comes from international environment, mostly from Scandinavia. Example of such a customer is Tieto company. From manufacturing we can name for instance Arcelor Mittal, a steel producer, where we teach principles of Lean manufacturing and Kaizen. In 2013 these trainings contributed to double production of Arcelor Mittal’s division in Frýdek-Místek. On the other hand our coaching can help actually anyone. We coach for instance school principals or help entrepreneurs to make a business from their dreams.

What do RainFellows do?

Do you know what makes company a successful one? It is to be one step ahead of its competitors. Most of things can be copied nowadays – ideas, products, procedures. What you cannot copy is company culture, the way people cooperate and innovate together. This is our focus. We work with people, teams and company culture.

How do we do it?

First step is team games. They bring “aha” moments like “we can work differently actually” and “we can do miracles together”.
Next step is setting up the goal for what to improve and defining practical steps how to improve it as quickly as possible – to have first results in less than one month.
We often use human body parallel. A company is like a living organism. If a person decides to lose weight, liposuction does not solve the problem. Weight gets back soon. Goal is to change the lifestyle, do more sports and change the mindset. Then the weight can be kept. It is the same with a company. We help to change company management style and company culture which makes the change sustainable in a long term.

A tree is known by its fruit

This is the feedback we constantly get from our customers and partners. We always help within any constraints you may have. And we stay with you until situation gets better. We are fellows for the rain walk. Come rain or shine we are here to help you. Therefore RainFellows.

We practice what we preach. We co-own 3 other companies (Avogado, IQ Kuchyně, and the most recent start-up NEWIRED) and we lead them according the principles and methodologies we recommend as consultants. You can read more about our history and future: How consultants became owners.