Interview with Vojta, our QA & Scrum Master at Newired

One year ago there was no company, no office, no product. Today our one year old start-up has got international setup, we have got our very first product (, and next month we have to move to new office in Ostrava since we outgrew our beloved Impact Hub Ostrava. We are currently 10 people in Ostrava, 21 in total and growing. Would you like to meet the team? Let me introduce the very first team member who was also the very first one I interviewed with year ago – please welcome, Vojta, our […]


Open DevOps Italy

What is DevOps? How to explain benefits to the entire organization? How to deal with company culture? Read our most recent story about conferencing week in Italy: Open DevOps – our conferencing week in Italy.


Show and tell: way to share info across borders

Another practical article about what super simple practice we have learnt recently. You can use it to boost efficient communication across borders – teams. Enjoy reading!

Show and tell: way to share info across borders


How consultants became owners

We at RainFellows have strong IT background. We started as excited Java Developers, later became Software Architects, Scrum Masters, Project Managers. We applied Agile and Lean thinking since our first days in IT. And the results showed immediately – our projects (that normally fail in IT) were considered successful by our colleagues, management, customers. And they started asking questions: “What did you do differently?”

Read more in this article: How consultants became owners.


Stop boring and inefficient status report meetings!

dull meetingYou know how it goes. There is a group of coworkers round the table and they report one after another project status to their manager. Everyone should be interested in work of others but the truth is they just wait for their turn to say their part. The only person who is somehow satisfied in the end is the manager who just got information about project status. Everyone else hates this meeting or at least takes it as necessary evil. Is it possible to do it a better way?



The evil of the fixed price contracts in software development area

Man Signing Contract
Sometimes, no matter how exceptionally you do, a software development project fails. And even if you apply the best practices in this area. Whether you are customer or supplier, a fixed-price contract most likely sends you on the highway to failure. […]


3 good reasons to get a Mentor for your team

PuzzleFor every team, in order to fulfill their mission – to satisfy their customers and stakeholders – it is important to stay focused on the value and continually improve the way of working. Having a Mentor can help in both and what’s more, it significantly boosts team’s productivity and efficiency. Let us have a look at three ways how the Mentor can help. […]